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Are you looking for a specialized software to edit your PHP/CSS files? Perhaps an alternative browser? Tired of developing and looking to take a break and watch a video? Then, browse the software selected by the AmberPanther team at SpreadFreeware. As the name implies we are simply spreading the word for freeware and GPL licenced software. Find the one that fits your needs, download it, install it, use it! No fees or strings attached.

You can read more at SpreadFreeware. Let’s together make the internet and technology accessible!

Find your Premium Domain name

Are you looking to start your own online business, but you are somehow lost at the junction of http:// and identity? Wait no more and let the Premium Domains by the AmberPanther team navigate you through the junction. Browse our selection of Premium Domain names and request the one that fits your identity. Upon agreement the Premium Domain will be transferred to you, making you immediately online identifiable. Then, you can focus on what really matters, turning your idea into cash!

WP Include File and WordPress 3.0

It came to our attention that some users were experiencing problems with WP Include File v. and WordPress 3.0 and above. We were unable to reproduce any problems on our test servers, hence we concluded that the problems were due to incorrect setup of the file paths.

Therefore, WP Include File v. works just fine with WordPress 3.0 and WordPress 3.0.1.

However, we have released today WP Include File v. This version introduces the Debug Mode to address the problems with incorrect set up of the included file paths. Once enabled, if the file is not found, WP Include File will yield a message in the post page stating where (the path) it is looking for the included file. This will help avoid confusion and save time in setting up the plugin.

You can download the latest version from WordPress Plugin Repository.

You can read more about WP Include File here.

AmberPanther acquires

Today, June 29 2010, AmberPanther has reached an agreement, and acquired was mainly focused on PHP and WordPress, providing tutorials and solutions. The original site has been put down. All the relevant content has been transferred to our Knowledge Base, stating that it was first published on

The access to the site, as of today, is restricted until the AmberPanther team finishes its work behind the scenes, and launches the new

We have big plans for LionVineyard. We are not ready to disclose what these plans are for the moment, but we believe it’s going to be a new landmark for a specialized sector of the internet industry.

Lionv’s Playground is closed, but here it is, how it looked this morning…

Remember & Recommend the Panther

Are you happy with the AmberPanther products and services? Are you a PantherBuddy? Are you ready to save on your next AmberPanther custom service or commercial product? Well… Remember & Recommend the Panther… and you will be able to receive a discount of up to 15{ae9864b67a77452167ce7c88d83e61fc33a56af6777a6c277876f72eee1d0f82} on your next purchase.

It is just as easy as to remember and to recommend AmberPanther to your friends and colleagues. Once a customer mentions you as the person who referred him to us, then you are automatically eligible for 5{ae9864b67a77452167ce7c88d83e61fc33a56af6777a6c277876f72eee1d0f82} discount on your next purchase. Combine that with the PantherBuddy discount and you are automatically to 15{ae9864b67a77452167ce7c88d83e61fc33a56af6777a6c277876f72eee1d0f82} off.

So… Remember & Recommend the Panther!

The Remember & Recommend the Panther 5{ae9864b67a77452167ce7c88d83e61fc33a56af6777a6c277876f72eee1d0f82} discount is given as one per referring customer. It can only be combined once with with the PantherBuddy discount.

We Stop Spam Together!

Yes, we do stop spam! But together! We set the mechanisms to stop spammers from filling the web with junk, but we need your help as well to stop them.

When navigating around the AmberPanther website, you will notice the implementation of form validation methodologies, in order to stop bots from spamming the site. The implementations we are using so far, are reCAPTCHA, and our in-house developed Math Skill Test. We will not ask you “Are you human?“, but we ask you to stop spam together!

reCAPTCHA as it appears on AmberPanther site

Math Skill Test as it appears on AmberPanther site

Someone may argue that this methodologies are far from optimal and non user-friendly, as they require extra effort from the visitor, and sometimes the reCAPTCHA images can be hard to read. So we ask you for your help, we ask you for those extra 2 seconds, in order to stop spam together. And together we will make the web a better place, stopping spammers one at a time.

We are investigating other CAPTCHA methodologies and we will update accordingly.

Read More:

cleanRoar does it again! A WordPress Theme for Valentine’s Day


cleanRoar does it again and celebrates yet one more holiday, Valentine’s day. Dress your site for Valentine’s Day and show the world how your heart beats.

This version of cleanRoar will not be available for download at, but it includes all the features found at with the addition of the Valentine’s Day style. Read more about cleanRoar…



Google Pays Tribute to Newton’s Birthday with the First Animated Doodle – A Falling Apple

This day, Jan 4, 367 years ago Isaac Newton was born.

Sir Isaac Newton was a British mathematician and scientist, focused on physics and astronomy.

He have made a lot of contributions that enable and constitute the modern theories that describe our world. He is responsible for the Newton Method, a widely used technique in the solution of systems of non-linear differential equations. He left behind the three Laws of Motion, which are the foundation of mechanics. Inevitably, by watching a falling apple, he gave rise to the Law of Universal Gravitation. Hence Google today pays tribute to his birthday with the first animated doodle. An apple falling from the apple tree… Visit the Google logo Holiday and Events archives to view the doodle (look for January 4, 2010).

We are looking forward to enjoying more clever doodles…

cleanRoar Rises Supreme! Leader of the WordPress Christmas Themes Pack

cleanRoar is the popular, freeware, WordPress theme by the AmberPanther team. It is best known for its clean style and ease of customization.

cleanRoar was publicly released with the Christmas style option on December 4, 2009. Since then it has experienced tremendous success and rose supreme in the race to celebrate and greet Christmas.  In only three weeks cleanRoar was downloaded 2670 times.

cleanRoar Downloads

cleanRoar is hosted at, and can be downloaded from, where another six competitor Christmas themes are hosted. In the three weeks preceding Christmas, cleanRoar managed to gain 50{ae9864b67a77452167ce7c88d83e61fc33a56af6777a6c277876f72eee1d0f82} share of the market of public Christmas WordPress themes. Out of the 5375 downloads of Christmas themes from since Dec 4, 2009, cleanRoar secured almost half of them.

WordPress Christmas Themes Downloads: Dec 04-25, 2009WordPress Christmas Themes Downloads: Percentage Share

We are very proud for the success cleanRoar enjoyed this Christmas. Our plan was to spread the Christmas spirit, and it happened! The AmberPanther team deserves a big thank you. They have demonstrated once again, that they can dominate the market they target. Kudos team! Also, the web community deserves an even bigger thank you! It is their choice that made us number 1… Thank you everyone!

One big advantage of cleanRoar is that it carries the Legacy clean style as an option, thus, once the holiday season is over, it can be switched on, with all customization in place. Read more about cleanRoar or just download it to make your site Roar…

And… are you a PantherBuddy?

* Download Statistics where obtained from

cleanRoar Update – Call to undefined function: filter_var – Resolved

An error was reported today in the cleanRoar back-end: when saving the cleanRoar General Options a fatal error would be given.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: filter_var() in /path_to_options_directory/options_parent.php on line 73

This error will appear only if your host server is running a PHP version less than 5.2.0, as the function filter_var was introduced only in this PHP version.

This function is used only in the back-end, thus, it will has no effect on the front-end operation. This is found in cleanRoar up to version 9.12.19 .

If you experience this problem, you can download an updated options_parent.php from the AmberPanther repository, and replace your existing one. The file is located in /utilities/dashboard directory.

DOWNLOAD options_parent.php >>

Alternatively you can download the full cleanRoar package:

DOWNLAOD cleanRoar >>

This update will be included in the next release of cleanRoar and is not yet available at .

The issue was reported by Lenny of Tampa Real Estate Blog. Thank you Lenny…