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At AmberPanther we will not claim that we are going to create the next Mona Lisa. Unlike Leonardo Da Vinci he is not that good with the paint brush. However, like Leonardo Da Vinci, the AmberPanther team has imagination, vision and creativity. We are great software engineers and mathematicians that let the code be our paint brush and the monitor our canvas. Hence we will put a bunch of ones and zeros in absolute harmony to design your electronic Mona Lisa.

Like the eyes are the window to the soul, so is the website the window to your culture, your company’s culture, no matter how big or small. Together we can open that window, and let everyone at a global level, know who you really are, what you really stand for.

AmberPanther offers unique web designs for your needs, always using the latest design technologies compliant with Web 2.0 standards, information sharing, interoperability, user oriented design, and collaboration on the web.

Choose your features:

  • flash animations
  • image gallery
  • streaming video
  • shopping cart integration
  • blog
  • forum
  • custom applications

AmberPanther will deliver websites that are:

  • attractive and eye catching
  • fast loading
  • user friendly (navigation and accessibility)
  • effective back-end managing system

Looking to upgrade?

Do you already have a website but you like what AmberPanther has to offer? No problem! We can undertake the upgrade/redesign of your old website to Web 2.0 standards. You can choose from a variety of packages:

  • Full or partial redesign
  • Updating content
  • Clean up your old code and make it XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant
  • Integrate Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Visitor Trends

A recent survey of devout Web surfers, by Atlanta based Enterpulse Corporation, shows that people’s online expectations have skyrocketed over the last few years and they are quick to reject any web site that does not keep up. The survey showed that in order to keep up:

  • 96{ae9864b67a77452167ce7c88d83e61fc33a56af6777a6c277876f72eee1d0f82} want the site has to be continually updated
  • 96{ae9864b67a77452167ce7c88d83e61fc33a56af6777a6c277876f72eee1d0f82} want it to be easy to navigate
  • 93{ae9864b67a77452167ce7c88d83e61fc33a56af6777a6c277876f72eee1d0f82} want the site to have in-depth information on its subject
  • 89{ae9864b67a77452167ce7c88d83e61fc33a56af6777a6c277876f72eee1d0f82} demand a quick load and response time

Enterpulse called this phenomenon the “Internet Death Penalty.” Luckily AmberPanther can be your web partner and ensure you get an “Internet Pardon“.

Make sure to check our portfolio and at the same time contact us for a more in-depth discussion of how a collaboration between our teams can get you that electronic Mona Lisa.

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