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Your corporate logo and brand/slogan is your every day headline. You need to stand out from your competitors to make that extra sale, to get that extra visitor, that will place you at the top of your game. At AmberPanther we will make sure you stand out.
We promise you that your logo design, company messaging creation, not only will be a fun experience of exchange of ideas, but also will reveal insights of your market that will be useful for your future course of action. And all these extras just come with the package at no extra charge.

The path to standing out

  1. Share your vision.
    The first step is for us to understand your business, your market, and your company culture. This will help us in designing a custom logo that represents your business and makes you stand whilst putting you at the top of your game, apart from your competitors.
  2. Soft Creativity at work.
    The AmberPanther team will produce a variety of logo design concepts with accompanying company messaging/slogan, depending on the package you choose.
    The initial set of concepts logos will be ready within a week.
  3. You choose the direction.
    You will have the chance to review the concept designs and choose the business logo design that you like best, the one that expresses you.
  4. You have the last word.
    Following your input the team will re-iterate the design of your choice.  Our mission is to supply you with the perfect logo, that is why you will have at minimum two iteration cycles. The final design is guaranteed to make you stand out.
  5. You dared to stand out! Enjoy your company at the top of its game.

Your finished custom logo will can be supplied in a variety of formats that will meet your needs. If your interested to discuss further of how the AmberPanther team can make you stand out contact us.

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