Poster Series: Learn to Surf

The AmberPanther team has officially released the first poster in their Poster Series. These are intended to be promotional, exhibiting the services offered by AmberPanther.

The first poster is title Learn to Surf. It features the black Panther resting peacefully on a log. While resting he realizes that it is time to accept his destiny and learn to surf. Despite the fact that he will get wet and will not like it.

The point the AmberPanther team wants to make is that it is time to accept the changes in internet technologies and embrace the Web 2.0 standards. Change might not always be embraced with joy, like the panther does not want to get wet, but it is necessary to stay ahead.

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AmberPanther is online

As of today, 09/09/09 at 09:09:09 AmberPanther is online and will be residing permanently at

AmberPanther’s vision is to use Soft Creativity to make the web a better place, allowing for a user friendly, informative, safe and spam free web experience today and for the generations of tomorrow, our children.

Launch of AmberPanther

After the idea of AmberPanther has been conceived in June 2009, given the current year, the official launch for is scheduled for 09/09/09 at 09:09:09 [+02:00 GMT]. See you then…