Remember & Recommend the Panther

Are you happy with the AmberPanther products and services? Are you a PantherBuddy? Are you ready to save on your next AmberPanther custom service or commercial product? Well… Remember & Recommend the Panther… and you will be able to receive a discount of up to 15{ae9864b67a77452167ce7c88d83e61fc33a56af6777a6c277876f72eee1d0f82} on your next purchase.

It is just as easy as to remember and to recommend AmberPanther to your friends and colleagues. Once a customer mentions you as the person who referred him to us, then you are automatically eligible for 5{ae9864b67a77452167ce7c88d83e61fc33a56af6777a6c277876f72eee1d0f82} discount on your next purchase. Combine that with the PantherBuddy discount and you are automatically to 15{ae9864b67a77452167ce7c88d83e61fc33a56af6777a6c277876f72eee1d0f82} off.

So… Remember & Recommend the Panther!

The Remember & Recommend the Panther 5{ae9864b67a77452167ce7c88d83e61fc33a56af6777a6c277876f72eee1d0f82} discount is given as one per referring customer. It can only be combined once with with the PantherBuddy discount.

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