We Stop Spam Together!

Yes, we do stop spam! But together! We set the mechanisms to stop spammers from filling the web with junk, but we need your help as well to stop them.

When navigating around the AmberPanther website, you will notice the implementation of form validation methodologies, in order to stop bots from spamming the site. The implementations we are using so far, are reCAPTCHA, and our in-house developed Math Skill Test. We will not ask you “Are you human?“, but we ask you to stop spam together!

reCAPTCHA as it appears on AmberPanther site

Math Skill Test as it appears on AmberPanther site

Someone may argue that this methodologies are far from optimal and non user-friendly, as they require extra effort from the visitor, and sometimes the reCAPTCHA images can be hard to read. So we ask you for your help, we ask you for those extra 2 seconds, in order to stop spam together. And together we will make the web a better place, stopping spammers one at a time.

We are investigating other CAPTCHA methodologies and we will update accordingly.

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