Google Pays Tribute to Newton’s Birthday with the First Animated Doodle – A Falling Apple

This day, Jan 4, 367 years ago Isaac Newton was born.

Sir Isaac Newton was a British mathematician and scientist, focused on physics and astronomy.

He have made a lot of contributions that enable and constitute the modern theories that describe our world. He is responsible for the Newton Method, a widely used technique in the solution of systems of non-linear differential equations. He left behind the three Laws of Motion, which are the foundation of mechanics. Inevitably, by watching a falling apple, he gave rise to the Law of Universal Gravitation. Hence Google today pays tribute to his birthday with the first animated doodle. An apple falling from the apple tree… Visit the Google logo Holiday and Events archives to view the doodle (look for January 4, 2010).

We are looking forward to enjoying more clever doodles…

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