cleanRoar Rises Supreme! Leader of the WordPress Christmas Themes Pack

cleanRoar is the popular, freeware, WordPress theme by the AmberPanther team. It is best known for its clean style and ease of customization.

cleanRoar was publicly released with the Christmas style option on December 4, 2009. Since then it has experienced tremendous success and rose supreme in the race to celebrate and greet Christmas.  In only three weeks cleanRoar was downloaded 2670 times.

cleanRoar Downloads

cleanRoar is hosted at, and can be downloaded from, where another six competitor Christmas themes are hosted. In the three weeks preceding Christmas, cleanRoar managed to gain 50{ae9864b67a77452167ce7c88d83e61fc33a56af6777a6c277876f72eee1d0f82} share of the market of public Christmas WordPress themes. Out of the 5375 downloads of Christmas themes from since Dec 4, 2009, cleanRoar secured almost half of them.

WordPress Christmas Themes Downloads: Dec 04-25, 2009WordPress Christmas Themes Downloads: Percentage Share

We are very proud for the success cleanRoar enjoyed this Christmas. Our plan was to spread the Christmas spirit, and it happened! The AmberPanther team deserves a big thank you. They have demonstrated once again, that they can dominate the market they target. Kudos team! Also, the web community deserves an even bigger thank you! It is their choice that made us number 1… Thank you everyone!

One big advantage of cleanRoar is that it carries the Legacy clean style as an option, thus, once the holiday season is over, it can be switched on, with all customization in place. Read more about cleanRoar or just download it to make your site Roar…

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