cleanRoar Update – Call to undefined function: filter_var – Resolved

An error was reported today in the cleanRoar back-end: when saving the cleanRoar General Options a fatal error would be given.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: filter_var() in /path_to_options_directory/options_parent.php on line 73

This error will appear only if your host server is running a PHP version less than 5.2.0, as the function filter_var was introduced only in this PHP version.

This function is used only in the back-end, thus, it will has no effect on the front-end operation. This is found in cleanRoar up to version 9.12.19 .

If you experience this problem, you can download an updated options_parent.php from the AmberPanther repository, and replace your existing one. The file is located in /utilities/dashboard directory.

DOWNLOAD options_parent.php >>

Alternatively you can download the full cleanRoar package:

DOWNLAOD cleanRoar >>

This update will be included in the next release of cleanRoar and is not yet available at .

The issue was reported by Lenny of Tampa Real Estate Blog. Thank you Lenny…

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