The Story Behind the Amber and the Panther

Over time we have been asked quite a few times:

Why AmberPanther?

We feel, it is time to tell the story behind the Amber and the Panther, that make AmberPanther!

We have been internet-rats since the beginning of internet-time, however, we were always consumed by career goals and aspirations to do something solid with it. Last January we decided that it was about time to put all our knowledge to good use and set our minds to make the internet a better place, one website at a time.

We needed a name for this vision! However “all” the dot com’s are taken. We had to escape from the single word name. We were brain storming for six months. Thinking, trying, dismissing, names. We tried the usual suspects, web, design, development, internet, etc. But thanks to all the domain-sharks who have consumed all the dot com’s for no meaningful reason, we did not fall victims of the usual suspects. Then one afternoon in June, while sitting by the Mediterranean Sea, it came to us. We always like to watch the amber sunset. It always carries the message of a better tomorrow! And why should we be victims of the usual suspects? Let’s dare to be different! Let’s stand out! Hence, now we needed something that is different and stands out. And here comes the panther. It is different, it stands out, it is daring. And as an added bonus, it rhymes with amber. Thus the Amber and the Panther came together to form the AmberPanther. Hence, now we have all the ingredients, experience, uniqueness, outlook for a better internet future, and courage to be different. With all these combined, we set forward to materialize our vision, making the internet a better place, one website at a time.

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