Have a Roaring Christmas! The cleanRoar WordPress Theme Brings the Christmas Spirit to your Site

Christmas is almost here, and in celebration of this special day, AmberPanther gives a facelift to cleanRoar, and welcomes you to spread the Christmas Spirit to your site’s visitors.

cleanRoar is the popular, publicly available WordPress theme. It is focused on simplicity, versatility and cleanliness, hence the name cleanRoar.

As soon as the beauty and harmony of the fall colors disappears to give way to the winter cold and snow, we anxiously wait for Christmas to come and bring us a new breed of colors and a different kind of warmth. We wanted to spread this warmth, and following the path set by our mission statement, making the web a better place one website a time, we decided to release an upgraded version of cleanRoar to celebrate Christmas. cleanRoar was first made publicly available on October 12, 2009 and since then it had enjoyed more than 1500 downloads. Today we have released version 9.12.04, packed with more features than ever. It features a bold Christmas style. The Legacy style also remains as an option, thus in January you can revert back to it with just a click. We owe a big thank you to the web community for supporting our work and a Roaring Christmas…

You can read more about cleanRoar here. Features, version information, etc. READ MORE >>

Take a peak at the cleanRoar Christmas style. DEMO >>

Download cleanRoar from WordPress.org . DOWNLOAD >>

cleanRoar in Christmas style

cleanRoar in Christmas style

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