Matt said “Yatta!” – AmberPanther says “Loose the Skepticism and Embrace WordPress as your CMS Platform!”

Matt quoted Hiro Nakamura when WordPress won the 2009 Open Source CMS Award. If you know WordPress, you know Matt, but in case you are wondering who is Hiro Nakamura, well, he is that guy from the show Heroes, who likes to manipulate and bend space and time. Afterall, WordPress did bend the norm, and Matt rightfully said “Yatta!”

It was about time! Over the last couple of years we have witnessed increasing popularity and usage of WordPress. It all started as a blogging platform, but thanks to the wittiness of the developers, a diverse platform has been structured, developer friendly, SEO friendly and ultimately end-user friendly. Hence, its capabilities are only limited by one’s imagination!

We have tested other open source platforms as well, but our platform of choice is WordPress, unless the client specifically requests another one. The reasons? It is developer friendly. We love the hooks, they really get you hooked on WordPress. It is no pain to understand the core code. And we have an extensive library of functions that can be just hooked on WordPress, to transform a site in a snap. Hence, we have been from very early on advocating WordPress as a CMS platform.

And here comes the 2009 Open Source CMS Awards, and WordPress wins the Overall Best Open Source CMS Award. In the last four years, this is the first time that WordPress wins this prestigious title. At the same time, WordPress is named first runner-up in the Best Open Source PHP CMS Category ahead of Joomla, with Drupal leading this category. As Matt put it, this a “landmark.” Indeed Matt, and this paves the path to a promising and bright future. Congratulations! Read Matt’s blog entry, WordPress Wins CMS Award, at the WordPress official blog.

The AmberPanther team calls to all the skeptics, that were reluctant to use WordPress as CMS, to loose the skepticism and embrace WordPress as a CMS Platform! We do!

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