Backup MySql Database using phpMyAdmin

This procedure explains how to backup MySql Database through phpMyAdmin.

1. Login in phpMyAdmin.
2. Select the Database you want to backup (click on it). If your version of phpMyAdmin is different from ours, there is a possibility that you have to click on Databases, in order to select the database you want ot backup. *
3. The tables of the databases will appear with some other stuff. Just go straight for the export tab.
4. Under Export, select all tables (if they are not already selected), or just select the tables you want to backup.
5. Choose the format of the file you want to export (right under the tables). SQL is the default and the recommended option for this.
6. On the Options – Structure, select Add DROP TABLE / VIEW / PROCEDURE / FUNCTION, Add AUTO_INCREMENT value and Enclose table and field names with backquotes (If you are familiar with SQL, select the options you want).
7. On the Options – Data, select Complete inserts and Extended inserts.
8. Look for the Save as file checkbox and click on it. You now have the compression options, None, zipped or gzipped. Choose whatever you prefer.
9. You now have an SQL file (compressed ot uncompressed), which is actually a script to create the structure of the database you have just backed up, together with all your data. (Very nice and easy)

* If you are not sure about your database name (in case you have multiple databases), check from your application (a config file), for the database name it is using.

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