cleanRoar: A clean and light WordPress theme

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General Description

cleanRoar is a WordPress theme developed by the AmberPanther team. The theme is available for download at Themes . This theme is the first in a series of a contributions the team is planning for the web community.


cleanRoar boasts a clean and light design. It makes the readers experience effortless. It is easily accessible and customizable for your needs.  It features a primary two-column design, the left main content column and the right sidebar. The right sidebar is subdivided into two columns as well. The thin one was originally intended for a banner ad. Both sidebar columns are widget ready. The new version of cleanRoar supports multiple styles/skins also.

cleanRoar has a functional back-end that allows you to enable/disable the ad showing in the sidebar. It can be a single banner image or a javascript from your preferred advertising service.


We hope you will enjoy this clean and light theme.You can see the theme in action here…

You can download it from WordPress Themes…

If you have any comments or suggestions about improving the theme leave us a note below. Exchange of ideas leads to excellence…

Version Information


  • Default style back to Legacy with Christmas style as an option
  • Addition of Red style, derived from the Christmas style
  • Addition of Redmad style, courtesy of Redmad


  • Global variable conflict in WordPress theme editor resolved


  • Four (4) layouts to choose from.
  • Option for custom CSS.
  • Control information (site name and description) shown in Header.
  • Display an image/logo in header through a url or Gravatar!
  • Display of Home link on main navigation.
  • Display excerpt or whole post on blog page.
  • Global control of comments on pages.
  • Control default sections to be shown on sidebar.


  • Multiple skins (style) support, Legacy style and Christmas style
  • Snow effect for Christmas style
  • Categories listing on the main menu bar, not just in the sidebar
  • Support for social links, twitter and facebook, and third-party RSS url, to replace the native WordPress one
  • Google Analytics script can be set from the options, no need to edit template files
  • Support for up to four 125 by 125 px Ad boxes, displayed at the top of the sidebar


  • enhanced back-end securities


  • first public release
  • Ad banner and Ad script support in the sidebar



cleanRoar in Legacy style

cleanRoar in Legacy style


cleanRoar in Christmas style

cleanRoar in Christmas style


cleanRoar in Red style


cleanRoar in Redmad style

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