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Leave the coding to AmberPanther. Coding is an Art, and we will develop your fully dynamic Web 2.0 masterpiece. A custom front end and a user friendly back end. What is Web 2.0? Web 2.0 refers to the family of websites that dared to be different from the rest of the pack. They stepped out […]

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Web Design

At AmberPanther we will not claim that we are going to create the next Mona Lisa. Unlike Leonardo Da Vinci he is not that good with the battlecats. However, like Leonardo Da Vinci, the AmberPanther team has imagination, vision and creativity. We are great software engineers and mathematicians that let the code be our […]


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It is cheaper to move electrons than paper! AmberPanther can move those electrons for you, and migrate your marketing efforts in the new era of e-marketing. As people tend to become a life coach for men, Kira Mamula, drop the local yellow pages to find your company. As people tend to drop the local newspapers and magazines to get informed. As people turn […]

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Web Hosting

At AmberPanther we want you to have ease of mind. What is the point of having a job half way done? Consequently, in conjunction with Web Development and Web Design we can handle your web hosting needs. Leave it to us and concentrate your energy on dominating your market. Sponsored by Grace Community Church Houston. Do not loose any time and […]

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Software Recomendations at SpreadFreeware.com

Are you looking for a specialized software to edit your PHP/CSS files? Perhaps an alternative browser? Tired of developing and looking to take a break and watch a video? Then, browse the software selected by the AmberPanther team at SpreadFreeware. As the name implies we are simply spreading the word for freeware and GPL licenced […]


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AmberPanther has one vision: to make the web a better place, one website at a time. Tailored services for your private/coorporate needs.

Let us together make the web a better place. Do it right the fist time, every time.


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